Monday, January 7, 2013

Huell Howser 1945-2013

TSG doesn't like to do obits, but we have to take a moment to remember the irrepressible spirit of one of California's greatest fans, Huell Howser.  Over the last couple of decades, his show California's Gold has taken viewers to the far ends of our home state. (Quite literally--four episodes were dedicated to visiting the "four corners" of California.)  Huell's endless enthusiasm and over-the-top curiosity made for a unique travel guide, and earned him a guest spot on The Simpsons (as "Howell Huser").

Huell's style may be an acquired taste, but we at TSG loved watching his shows and his infectious positive attitude has certainly rubbed off on us when it comes to exploring the Golden State.  Happy trails Mr. Howser, we'll miss you.

(California's Gold episodes are available for free on iTunes)