Tuesday, December 31, 2013

TSG's Year In Review

Well, not really....there were grand plans for a end o' year photo retrospective, but we got lazy and ended up with the much less complicated "one picture from each month" format instead.  
Thanks to everyone who stopped by in 2013! 


'14 Parm said...

That's a nice mash-up of images. A regular Gallery de Grasshopper. Missing as a genre, however, was any picture of a hiking-trip vantage point featuring mountaintops and/or seaside doings. Not a complaint, though, just an observation (pun intended) (and if you didn't get the pun, then, OK, NOT intended).

Happy New Year TSG.

Wilyard Beesquit said...

The original concept for this post was a "Happy Trails 2013" collage, which would have fulfilled your (not unreasonable) expectations. But alas, that plan morphed it's way into something way too complicated that threatened to eat up my entire New Year's Eve. So I threw the 12-photo mosaic together and was done with it. After all, I had better things to do Tuesday night...like watchimg my new Blu-ray of Lawrence of Arabia with my new 5.1 home theater setup.

Parm the woofer said...

How funny. One of the first movies I got my hands on when I got my basement theater operational was Lawrence! Just a great flick.

Congrats on that new home theater setup, by the way!!!! "Sounds" great!!!