Friday, December 20, 2013

Follow-Up: Giant Santa still AWOL in WG

We are slightly dismayed to report that Giant Santa and his Giant Sled have not made an appearance on Glen Erie Drive. We're afraid that the old-style St Nick may have been banished to the island of misfit giant Xmas decorations.  As you can see, a not-so-giant Bumble* is filling in, but it's just not the same.

*we bet this one doesn't even bounce.

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Ho Ho Parm said...

Wow. A fuzzy Bumble. That kind of impresses me.

I think if I had made that decoration, I might have given consideration to switchable heads, one with teeth (as shown) and one post-dentistry. Then kind of mix them up from day to day.

There was a house in our neighborhood in Crystal Lake, IL that was, in fact, the Island of Mis-Fit Christmas Decorations. Even our kids, at a young age, looked at it and thought there was something wrong with it. I really wish now that I had thought to take some snapshots of it. I kind of think that the owner was doing it so grotesquely on purpose in order to annoy the Christmas Decoration NAZI's in our neighborhood. I, for example, once received an anonymous typed note chiding me for my tasteless display which amounted to blinking/racing colored lights on our garage eves and static/non-blinking colored lights on the rest of the house. I know - for shame, for shame.