Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NorCal Fish Art

Featuring the "FishArt on Lamposts" exhibition put on by the Siskiyou Arts Museum of Dunsmuir, CA.


Parm said...

Huh. I'm rather a fan of municipal exhibitions based on critters that are painted in imaginative (and often technically skillful) ways. That said, these fish are kind of a pale reflection of the whole concept. I suspect they're good for the townies, but a mild letdown for tourists?

H. "Piscatorial Portraitist" Biscuit said...

I dunno, for this particular tourist, the lamp post fish were a positive aspect of my stroll down Dunsmuir's main drag. Truth be told, there wasn't a heck of a lot else happenin', which was kinda weird, considering it was a Saturday afternoon on Labor Day weekend. Guess all the action was down the road at the Hot Rod show in Mt. Shasta. But, since I was kind of hot-rodded out, documenting the artfish was a fine way to spend up an hour or so.