Friday, August 2, 2013

The Return Of The Small Faces

Some old
Some new
Some borrowed
Some I have no idea who
The hell they are.

Link to (possibly) more zoomable image


Parm said...

So, is this from some app/feature that trolls your archived or selected images to locate and isolate faces and then make a patchwork quilt out of them?

TSG said...

Yep, Picasa scans for faces on all the images in "My Pictures" and puts a copy in a separate "faces folder". To make the "quilt", it's as simple as selecting the folder, using the collage tool (and in this case, the "grid" option), and bingo, it's done.

I made a video clip of the same folder with the movie tool and the "time lapse" option. Picasa can add audio to the movie, but it doesn't do a very good job. The music tends to stutter, so I export the video file to Windows Movie Maker and add the backing music to the movie that way.


TSG said...

Oops slight correction: when Picasa scans for face images, it puts them in the "People" folder. If you go to the trouble of tagging names to an image, Picasa attempts to match any similar ones and put them in a individual folders. Otherwise the images end up in the "Unnamed" folder (in this case, there were 4575 images).

Small Parms said...

Ha! I very much like the video! The music, of course, is sublime - that tune is in my top-10 faves of all time. The "small faces" connection was an amusing slap on the side of the head, too. But the video itself is quite mesmerizing. It is surprising how many faces are actually recognizable as they flash past.