Saturday, June 15, 2013

Self Centered

a.k.a. a brief visit to North Fork--
one of several places claiming to be the of "Center of California".

 Once we managed to get a memory card loaded,
taking pictures became much easier...

Note: haphazard composition on the last few pics due to stealth camera work 
at the Sierra Mono Indian Museum.  Normally we observe "no photography" 
rules in museums, but we were feeling a little contrary that day. Apologies to the staff and management for our transgression.

You can see more of North Fork in episode 608 of California's Gold, available on Chapman U's Huell Howser Archive:


"Native California son" Parm said...

Hmmm. The drain in a sink is usually right there in the center of things, too, and constitutes the spot where all the junk from elsewhere in the sink eventually ends up. Not to be too harsh, but some of the things we see in these pictures suggests that NF just might really BE that center of California.

That said, yep, whenever you begin to learn a new language, there are certain phrases and expressions you need to learn earlier rather than later due to likely frequency of use, and "I was chased by a bear" certainly ranks right up there in those regards!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Willard "Another Native California Son" Biscuit said...

Speaking of Native Sons, one of the places I missed visiting on this last trip was 464 Prospect Ave in La Jolla. It was the original location of Scripps Hospital where I came into the world. These days it's a "historic landmark"/swanky condo complex.