Sunday, May 12, 2013

People You Might Meet On Angel's Landing

So, today TSG and Elaine encountered a remarkable octengenarian, Battista Locatelli. He was on the first shuttle bus this morning with us, heading up Zion Canyon to hike one the park's premier trails, the vertigo-inducing trek to Angel's Landing.

We chatted a bit on the short shuttle ride, and it turned out that Battista was summit-bound for the 47th time. He had set a goal to hike the great sandstone fin 50 times, and he was nearly there. Along the trail and up on top, his story got more interesting, with tales of singing for dignitaries and his brother's ill-funded attempt to summit Everest (Battista's sponsorship of $250K(!?) was only half of the amount needed)

Up on top of the Landing, he broke out into song and even gifted us a copy of his self-produced CD, "Battista Sings". It wasn't until later on that we found out that he was the owner of the landmark Rat Pack-era Vegas eatery, Battista's Hole In The Wall.

Photos from his self-produced CD booklet:

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Parm said...

Traveling company as interesting as the scenery; nice!

Too bad you weren't carrying an extra copy of, say, The Stench of Death with which to return the gift-CD favor! OK, maybe not; that looks like a long way to be thrown down, right?

Cool. Go get another good story from the road!