Friday, April 5, 2013

Is Rob Thomas A Who Fan?

We're almost at the end of our Veronica Mars Marathon, and we've noticed a few nods to our favorite band. Now, we know that Rob Thomas the musician is probably an aficionado--he covered Baba at Pete and Roger's Kennedy Center Honors gig.

But what about Rob Thomas, the writer/director? TSG has an inkling that he, too, may be a fan of you know Who.

Exhibit A: Episode 2.1, "Driver's Ed" -- in the scene where Veronica is poking around the convenience store, inspecting the Bus Angel souvenirs and trying to get information out of Kevin Smith*, what song is playing in the background? You guessed it...Magic Bus. (*who wants to know if he looked fat on his earlier TV interview--ha!)

Exhibit B: Episode 3.1, "Welcome Wagon" -- in the season opener, Veronica meets "Piz", who happens to be sporting a guitar-smashing T-shirt:

Exhibit C: Episode 3.8 "Lord of The Pi's" -- check out this little snippet:

We rest our case.

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Cousin Parm said...

Yes, but does she play your favorite table?