Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten Years Ago Yesterday

Out for a morning stroll in an unfamiliar but renown antipodean burg, we saw this interesting display...

...despite TSG's intense dislike of graffiti, we approved of this particular defacement. If only TPTB had taken the message to heart.


Parm said...

You have to give war a chance, right?

W. "Blogs Not Bombs" Biscuit said...


I think I must have a better photo of the "NO WAR" graffiti somewhere in the archives, but this image was the closest at hand.

Due to the geopolitical turmoil of the time, Aussies would inevitably ask me what I thought of President Bush. My usual response was that I thought he was a "cowboy", which usually drew a nod or slight chuckle of agreement.