Friday, March 15, 2013

Showbiz News That May Interest Our Readers

So, it seems that Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell put an internet shout out yesterday to the fans..."Help us make a Veronica Mars movie!"

And the fans responded quite generously--at a record-setting pace. There were over two million dollars pledged within 10 hours of the kickstarter page going online. The total now is just north of $3.4 million. If you're late to the party, we're sorry to inform you that the $10K bit-part-in-the-movie bonuses are already sold out.

Quite a day for the VM fans out there. TSG never really got into the show (frankly, we never got past the opening scenes of the first episode), but on the strength of this breaking news we went out and picked up the Season One set (just $9.95!).  We're a couple of episodes in now, and we like what we've seen so far.  It's kind of sad knowing in advance that the 3rd season [apparently] took a real nosedive before the show was finally cancelled. 


"Backup" Parm said...

Major VM fans here, right from the get-go. So, yeah, do the movie!! IF the movie is a proper wrapping up of the series, however. The 3rd season itself wasn't poor (IMHO) but the last episode, which was a series-ender, was poor indeed. And not the show's fault, either, in that they didn't really know, I don't think, that that was THE end. So, cruddy ending. A movie that circled back and made it right would be most welcome.

Frankly, I feel the same way about The Sopranos' ending episode, except their cruddy ending was quite intentional and most thought out. Worst ending, and the biggest insult to fans of a show, EVER.

Will "Nitpick" Biscuit said...

Okay, I'm up to the beginning of Season 3 and I think I can call myself a fan. I'm especially enjoying all the San Diego favorite place to jog was one of the settings for the dog kidnapping episode.

However, I have a major beef with the wardrobe department. While you would expect the '09ers to be sporting nice, trendy, stylishly-hip duds, it seems to me like everyone at Neptune wears BRAND NEW clothes.

I'm not talking clean/well-tailored, I'm talking right-off-the-rack, first-time-ever-worn clothes. i dunno why, but that kinda bugs me.

That said, I thought the T-shirt Piz was wearing in the first episode of S3 was pretty damn scooby. Put that design on the back of a shirt and I'll buy one!