Sunday, March 31, 2013

Have A Crabby Easter

Much to our dismay, TSG's image library is severely lacking in the bunny/decorated egg department. So we decided to go with a crustacean theme instead.
We're pretty sure crabs have nothing to do with Easter, but it's a good bet that they're on a brunch menu somewhere, and that's good enough for us.


Parm said...

Happy Yeaster to you, too.

FYI, we have not yet checked out the Nezzie video. At 1 hour plus, it hasn't really fit well into the day's schedule. I may hold it in reserve for some future trip during downtime.

Changing wheels completely, did you note the recent auction where a pristine copy of Sgt. Pepper (mono) featuring a pristine autograph in the gatefold of each Beatle went for nearly $300K? Yikes.

W. "Minuteman" Biscuit said...

Note: check the duration of that clip again--depending on your dental hygiene habits, you could probably watch the whole thing while brushing your teeth. (or while doing something else that takes 71 seconds...)

Elaine Linton said...

Those are my Easter Crabs!

Elaine Linton said...

Why didn't you list The Monkee's as music favorites?

Mister Crabcakes To You! said...

Now now, there are more than enough Easter Crabs to go around...why not let everyone enjoy them?

As far as my my fave music listings go, the last entry "TBC" [to be continued]...has a nice open-ended quality to it, not to mention it saves me a lot of work.