Friday, February 15, 2013

The Best Google Valentine Doodle

If you missed it, yesterday's googledoodle  was a Valentine/George Ferris mash-up where you pressed the "heart button" to spin the big wheels to create a random pairing of creatures.  This one was our favorite:


Parm said...

OK, yes, I admit, the bear eating sushi with the 8-armed date made me chuckle. But I also found myself unamused by all the rest. Well, maybe I didn't see all the rest, cuz I stopped looking after four or five. Just not enough payback for spinning those Ferris wheels again.

Williard "Spinmeister" Biscuit said...

I can confirm that the novelty wore out after a spin or two...imagine having to spin that dang thing over and over to get back to the octo-bear date. (it took about 15 minutes or so to successfully grab those screens) I wonder if the 'pusses' sour expression is due to the use of fake krab?

Parm said...

Perhaps it was octopus posing as fake crab?