Friday, January 4, 2013

Weirdest Post Of 2013?

Yeah, it's early, but TSG believes in setting the "WTF?" bar high.

As a public service to those unable to wrap their heads around this week's video selection, here's a picture that might help put things in perspective (note the machine on the far right):


Little Parm said...

Thanks to YouTube alerts I actually saw this video moments before visiting the TSG blog. I was quite amused even though the video was obviously bizarre. Getting to the blog and discovering the answers to life (or at least the point of the video) completed the small circle of this AM's browsings.

And thusly educated, I am sure I know what I would see were I to peek at those Baby Rattlers!

The National Enquirer said...

In a completely unrelated matter, I watched a 5-song DVD of the Who at Lyods that came as a bonus with a library copy of Wire and Glass. Roger had a pair of in-ear monitors that he sometimes wore and sometimes popped up while performing. Obviously, sometimes they suited his performance and other times not. Or, at that particular performance they were acting up and not doing their usual thing. Any insights, TSG? Does Roger always fiddle these days with his in-ear monitors?

W. "Fake Pete" Biscuit said...

Re: Roger's monitor issues--for some reason, The Who have real problems with their live sound. You'd think the techs would have it down by now, but it seems like they have issues at almost every show. Any fan will tell you, though, that a Who gig is a warts-and-all affair, and things like equipment gremlins are all part of the package.