Saturday, August 25, 2012

Godspeed, Neil

Walking on the moon has to be the most amazing thing to happen in my lifetime.
 RIP, Commander Armstrong.

Official NASA publicity photo
(TSG Archives)

Rock Stars Behaving Nautically

The Nelson's Pursuit Race is an end-of-year event staged by the Antigua Yacht Club. This pursuit race includes four classes – Classic, Cruiser, Cruiser/Racer, and Racing. Originally conceived as a fun event to add to the festive season, the race commemorates Lord Nelson’s famous pursuit of the French fleet under the command of Admiral Pierre Villeneuve across the Atlantic in 1805.

The 2011 race saw winds well over 20 knots & seas over 10 feet. It made for some challenging racing conditions. The overall winner was Safara (72 feet) which was on charter to Pete Townshend.

"All I did was write cheques and sit on deck looking deck-orative," said Townshend.