Thursday, July 12, 2012

On This Day In Rock 'N Roll History..., we're not talking about the much-ballyhoo'd commemoration of The Stones' 50th anniversary.  (still, that's an impressive milestone...way to go, guys)

See, as it happens, TSG found it rather warm for outdoor exertion today, so we decided to pull out our cheesy mini-elliptical trainer (seen below) for an air-conditioned workout in front of the TV.

Note to potential buyers: attractive workout buddies not included!

Since we like to sweat with the oldies, TSG fired up the Roku and checked out the streaming concert offerings. We decided to go with Alice Cooper: Live at Montreux.

Even though the streaming version seemed to be only half of what is on the DVD, the 56-minutes of Vinnie's theatrics met our needs perfectly.

We were surprised to see that the show was taped on July 12, 2005. What a kind-of-cool coinkydink! Not only that, but further down in the credit roll we noticed a familiar name listed as Executive Producer...Claude Nobs. What a kick to realize that Funky Claude is still on staff at the venerable concert he was many years ago when the gambling house burned to the ground.

Here's a pic of Alice and Claude together back in 2005, showing off their official Montreaux Parmigiani timepieces:

So here's to you, Alice, Claude, and those Rolling Stones guys as well.  Happy Anniversary!