Saturday, May 5, 2012

Charlie Don't Surf

And neither does TSG--unless you count multiple failed attempts and maybe a couple of less-than-20-second rides where we actually managed to stand up on the board.

These folks, however, do seem to be able to surf in some fashion or another.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

TSG's Annual "State of the Pool" Report

In a word (well, three words actually), it ain't good.  Now, TSG loves animals as much as anyone, but setting up a duck habitat in the cement pond is strictly hillbilly in our book.  We almost had a verbal altercation with one of the pro-duckpond crowd who couldn't see a problem with foul fowl droppings on the already-stained pool bottom.

We missed a chance to get pictures from earlier in the week when someone threw a bunch of deck chairs in the pool in a bizarre attempt to scare the ducks off.  We did, however, capture the impromptu feeding platform that was set up on day one. (note the relatively clean pool bottom in the upper left corner image)

Management assures us that the pool will be emptied and cleaned before Memorial Day.  Whether they act in time to prevent further staining remains to be seen. We have suggested a pool cover to the manager multiple times, but the idea has fallen on deaf ears. It seems like such a simple fix...not to mention it's probably more cost effective than having to drain the pool for situations like this.  But hey, what the heck do we know?