Monday, April 23, 2012


The second installment in what appears to be a disturbingly continuing series.Today's episode: Monday Morning Mold. What a wonderful welcome to the working week!  We don't think any amount of vodka could improve this particular glass of OJ.  If nothing else, we suppose the gang deserves some kind of nod for throwing together a really impressive condiment spread.

Re: last week's 4/20 posts: the people are all hanging on to a Nike Ajax missile enroute to the underground magazine during a tour of SF-88, the only restored Nike site in the US. The mysterious  ottoman line-up image is from The Bay Model, a 3-acre "working" replica of SF Bay and it's extended forebays,channels and deltas.  More images of these two unique attractions will be available for online viewing in the near future on our picasa web albums.