Sunday, December 30, 2012

TSG Library Acquires Cool New Volume

Selected snaps from the pages of Tom Wyrsch's self-published book.

When we saw this in the gift shop at Playland Not-At-The-Beach,there was absolutely no question that we'd be taking a copy home. Unfortunately it does not mention either Compan or The Last Man On Earth contest.


Parm the featured creature said...

So, wait, that last snapshot - YOUR certificate is in this book?????

What a great book, by the way!! Does it have a show-by-show synopsis or anything like that?

I looked up the author on Amazon and found a DVD of a documentary he directed called Remembering Playland At the Beach. Busy guy!

Willard "Cigar Chewer" Biscuit said...


I guess I missed a real opportunity by not filling in that blank line with "Steven G. Parmelee". :-)

The book itself is only 90 pages. It doesn't have a lot of specific show info. There are some "lost" interviews with assorted celebrities and lots of pictures and news clippings. For fans of the man, I'd say it was worth $20.

Parm said...

You're quite the rascal, you are.

Seems there is a DVD about Creature Features, too; a documentary:,_Keep_America_Strong!

I don't suppose that was on sale there, too?

Willard "Bob's Big Boy" Biscuit said...

I didn't see the DVD in the giftshop, but it appears to be available on Playland NATB's website.