Saturday, September 1, 2012

If Dick Contino Had Attended Burning Man

It might have looked something like this. However TSG has never made the pilgrimage to the Black Rock Desert. So, instead, today's post features a crude composite of The Great Morgani* squeezing his box east of Wendover.

*image courtesy E. Linton

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Parm said...

Your post of course sent me to the Internet where I found the Morgani website, which then sent me immediately to YouTube to find representative clips. What an amusing chap!

Pre-Beatles, the accordion was hot! I remember in third grade at El Gabilan elementary school in Salinas being entertained one day in our classroom by Michael Galloway as he serenaded us with his accordion. And we all thought it was pretty cool! Then, a few months later, Ed Sullivan showed us the Beatles, and that was pretty much that. Accordion, what accordion! How "Lawrence Welk!" Never did find out if Galloway switched from accordion lessons to guitar lessons, though. Perhaps he's out on some boardwalk, too, somewhere, squeezing his heart out for the masses.