Sunday, July 22, 2012

Time Machines Discovered in Sonora

Trying to get in an excursion before it got over 90 degrees, TSG decided on a walking tour of the town nicknamed "The Queen of the Southern Mines". Since it was pretty early on a Sunday morning, we were mostly window shopping/snapping, but Pine Tree Peddlers was open, so we went in to poke around. Our poking was rewarded with a couple of 3-decade old periodicals of particular interest---

The second issue, dated October 5th, 1978 has a haunting image of Moonie with the sadly ironic caption, "I know I gotta discipline myself again." (Keith died a month before on Sept 7th)

Link to pix of selected pages from the two magazines

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Parm said...

The supplemental pix were great. The cigarette ads cracked me up. MMMM, going for that "high tar" taste, for sure!! And ads for Marantz and Mustangs are both bellringers for me.

As for that picture of Keith, I guess it is haunting but in a way that I didn't expect. That guy needed to find a way to lift the brick off his accelerator. Poor Moonie; instead of dying young and leaving a perfect corpse, he died young and left a perfectly messed-up corpse.