Friday, July 20, 2012

Mark Twain Slept Here (not!)

#2 in a series: bogus resting places of old west icons
So there we were, cruising down Hwy 49, and there's this sign that says,

Mark Twain Cabin 1 Mile
Next Left

"Hey", we said, "that's cool, better check it out!" So, we drove up Jackass Hill and came across a cabin that Mark Twain never lived in.  A closer look at the Rotary Club plaque revealed that the cabin was built in 1922 "to commemorate the famed author's presence in Tuolumne County". 


But the detour was worth it because of other features in the immediate vicinity...

Actually more interesting than the fake Twain abode were the kind-of-creepy stuffed frogs scattered about--they were hanging in the trees and entangled on the iron fence.  And there was the sign with a photo of a 30 year-old donkey that died in 2010. To top it all off, there was an emu on the property across the street.  It gaped at us as we drove past, noticeably uncomfortable in the heat.   Altogether the brief stop offered both more and less than we expected...a bit like life, if you think about it.


Parm said...

The frogs I get. But how in the heck does one connect the dots between Twain and an emu? Perhaps because Twain passed away and is now "down under?"

Willard "Birdman" Biscuuit said...

I have no idea what possible connection an emu might have with Mr. Clemens, other than being randomly located next to the faux flophouse. I will say that Sam was a world traveler, so he may have encountered an emu in his ramblings.

I'm pretty sure he never ran into a cassowary though.

Parm said...

Your response brought back a largely-pointless memory, but here goes. We were vacationing in the land downunder, and had just gotten going for the day driving south from the Monkey Mia area (where, yes, we swam with dolphins along with everyone else). There, driving along a road in the middle of nowhere, a stupid emu rushes out in front of us. Thanks to good braking and wild swerving we avoided hitting the thing and it just reverses course and cruises off. "Bird brain" indeed. Anyway, that is my personal "emu encounter" story.