Friday, July 27, 2012

Inside The Octagon

Sorry, Chuck Norris fans--this is not a behind-the-scenes exposé of the 1980 cult classic (?).

 Always looking for something new, TSG lucked out and found this cool barn on a bike ride on the "back road" between Pismo and SLO.  Pretty damn scooby, as the Carter brothers are wont to say.


Parm said...

Er, OK. I confess I wasn't initially overwhelmed with emotion upon first perusing this posting. I peeked at their website, however, and my interest revved up from "meh" to "huh!" Which, yes, is an improvement. I figured some historical context would help, and it did.

Better yet, one of my partners lives in SLO and he'll no doubt be impressed the next time I'm chatting with him and drop in some small, knowing reference to the Octagon Barn.

"Barn Door" Biscuit said... own interest in the subject was a pretty shallow (just "something cool looking" on the side of the road). After reading your comment I was moved to find out a bit more. Now I kind of want to seek out the other two existing California octagon barns. I also see that Huell Howser did a show on it(California's Gold #5012), and I love Huell Howser. The episode is available on VHS for $17. VHS? Come on, Huell, get with the times!

Anonymous said...

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