Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to U.....S.A.

(Don't tell anyone, but the "Great Seal" in this pic is an ashtray)


Parm said...

Make a wish!
Blow 'em out!

A great seal ash tray, huh? Straight off Air Force 1?

Parm said...

I must say, TSG, that your 4th of July observation has persisted in its own way considerably longer than the fireworks extravaganza put on by your old home town. And perhaps having a few ash trays on hand after their 15 seconds of fame were up would have been useful as well to, you know, gather up some ashes?

Willard "Quck Draw" Biscuit said...

Yes, it was quite amusing to read about the premature TFE (total firework ejaculation) at SD's 4th o' July "extravaganza".

Funny story: I shared my photos from the local Rose, White and Blue Parade with a coworker and he said, "I wish we had gone to that instead--our family went up to watch the fireworks in Milpitas and we sat around for 3 hours for a 20 minute show!"