Friday, June 15, 2012

This Post Is (Sorta) Like Last Week's

Feeling a bit guilty about our our disinclination (aka being too lazy)  to delve into the archives last week, TSG dug out our earlier photo of Doc Holliday's "gravesite".  After a brief battle with the computer and a mysteriously missing driver, we scanned and uploaded a pic from our visit back in the early years of the 21st Century.

As promised, the marker is adorned with assorted Doc-themed paraphernalia, but...

The marker is different. WTF?

A cursory and admittedly half-hearted (more laziness, we're afraid) search does not reveal why or when it was changed.  TSG vows to get to the bottom of it and report back as soon as we can.

But don't hold your breath.

While you're waiting, check out this cool video of Pete and Jeff playing LROM with The BBC Concert Orchestra:


Parm said...

Goodness. How much more up your alley could a pairing be, TSG? Amusing that they are both sitting, formal wear notwithstanding.

As for Doc's headstone changing, that is a head scratcher. Hard to believe that anyone stole the previous one to necessitate its replacement. And, I could see locals spending some $ to upgrade the thing (the better to bring in tourists) but frankly I can't see how the new one tops the previous one (although the new one is taller). About the only thing that makes sense is vandals. Perhaps Clanton or McLaury ancestors?

Willard "Get it right the first time" Biscuit said...

Update on the memorial marker mystery: The headstone was replaced when someone realized that Doc was born in 1861, not 1862. Also worthy of note--the controversy as to whether Holliday's final resting spot is even in Colorado at all. There are credible theories that suggest that Doc ended up in Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin, GA.

Parm said...

A Civil War baby, huh?

W.B. said...

Nope. I screwed up by a decade...Doc was born in 1851.