Friday, June 8, 2012

This Post Is (Remotely) Like a 1978 10cc Album

Firstly because the photos were taken by a "Bloody Tourist"...

...and secondly, the primary item of interest is "Dead Doc Holliday". (insert rimshot here)

 We were a bit disappointed to find the grave in such pristine shape.  Usually there is an assortment of playing cards and a pint or two of whiskey "decorating" the grave.  We must have visited just after the local clean up crew got to the place.

 ps: speaking of bands that have used repeating initials in their names, TSG has indeed received the Insomniac CD. We're waiting for the right moment and frame of mind to give it our undivided attention. Stay tuned for our review.


Parm said...

I read this post to mean that this is not TSG's first visit to this particular kind-of-a-gravesite (since the subject is buried "somewhere" in the area as versus, necessarily, right "here")? And if true, the obvious begged question is, "So, why revisit this particular place?" Does Doc hold a particular place of fascination? Is he a distant relative? Was he, too, an Air Force Youth Cadet?

As for Insomniac reviews, they have been surprisingly strong (in a good way, as versus meaning, say, that people are doing their best to fling their copies into low Earth orbit). It turns out, too, that a surprising number of people identify rather quickly with crappy birthdays! Who knew? That said, tunesmithing yields highly subjective results and individual mileage can vary dramatically - do let us know if you achieve that low Earth orbit.

"Wild" Williard Biscuit said...

Doubtful that Doc was an Air Force Youth Cadet or even a Civil Air Patrol vet. His main extracurricular activity, I think, was Faro.

The plot to re-visit the plot was motivated by a couple of things. First, when I drove through town last year it was around 36 degrees and raining/sleeting, so hiking up to Linwood Cemetery was out of the question. (Not to mention having any kind of perfect moment at the Hot Springs pool diving board)

Also, I had hoped to find some "decorations" in place and use some images for a blog post called "I'm your huckleberry" or perhaps "A daisy if you do". Alas, the grave had been spruced up...for who, I have no idea. I do have some 35mm prints of the kind of thing I'm talking about, but once again, I'm too lazy to go dig them up (heh) and scan them for publication.

Parm said...

So. You have a kind of thing for out-of-the-way, kind of desecrated grave sites from days passed?

Well, perhaps the third time will prove the charm?

"Gravehunter" Biscuit said...

Well, I suppose that at the very least I have an attraction to graves of people who were played by Val Kilmer. Next up, Jimbo's grave in Père Lachaise?

Parm said...

While there (Paris, that is), I'd recommend dropping in on Rin Tin Tin's gravesite, too!