Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Vacation Without Bug Photos...?

Some kind of Hawk/Sphinx Moth outside the laundry room--Torrey, UT

eta: some reader(s) may find this next bug photo amusing---

Some lodgings have differing definitions of "rustic"!


Parm said...

Now we know where the rubber-suit brigade got their design ideas for Mothra!!! Man, that thing is the Gene Simmons of the world of Lepidoptera.

Parm said...

Man, the dead-bee photo is sad. Bees are cool and have it tough enough without getting trapped inside some room to die.

Willard Bees-Kit said...

The Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch has quite a new-age, hippie vibe, so I was kind of surprised to see the ex-bees. (The rest of the place was spotless.) There weren't any live bees in its a bit of a mystery seeing so many on the windowsills.

I told the woman at the front desk that they didn't bother me that much, but someone else might find large numbers of dead insects quite repugnant.