Monday, May 21, 2012

The Perfect Moment

Readers familiar with Spalding Grey's Swimming To Cambodia may remember his search for "the perfect moment". He sought it out purposefully, using various aids, and if memory serves, found it on a beach in Thailand. In our travels, we too hope for a PM, but we don't actively seek it out. Instead we hope for one at some point in the journey...and we usually aren't disappointed. This time out, our perfect moment arrived in the late afternoon today in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 


Parm said...

Sigh. I'm happy for your perfect moment, Grasshopper, but does the world really need to put safety rails on diving boards? Perfect moments do NOT need training wheels, IMHO.

That said, I can to some certain degree vouch for excellent moments on Thai beaches! "Perfect," though, I don't know. That's asking an awful lot of a moment, isn't it? I've been close, for sure.

Willard "Diver Down" Biscuit said...

The railings don't extend as far as it appears in the image because of the somewhat exaggerated foreshortening effect of the POV/lens combination. TSG checked and the board actually extends 6' beyond the end of the handhold/railings.

Parm said...

Well, that's much better. Thank you.