Monday, May 14, 2012

Just Another Day On The Navajo Loop Trail

Hikers and Ranger w/mini tractor on his way to tamp down the trail at Bryce National Park.


Parm said...

That's a pretty other-worldly view. I like those few trees down there. In a perfect existence we could go to YouTube and bring up the entire story of how the seeds got there in the first place and what challenges they faced to mature into those trees, all offered via time-lapse video so that we could watch and admire in, say, 1 minute. And then take our short attention spans on to the next shiny object.

Willard "Boots" Biscuit said...

The bad thing about the ranger's mini-tractors is that they sound like lawnmowers. Not at all conducive to quiet enjoyment.But, by that time, the busloads of package tourists had arrived which ended any possibility of same. Lucky for me I was on my way out.