Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fingertip Fauna of the Spring 2012 Road Trip

On the way out to our rented Explorer* this morning we spotted this cute little slender salamander.


Parm said...

What an amusing little critter. Like a snake evolving into something with legs, or something with legs evolving into a snake. A snakeomander, if you will.

Nice ride. Decent sound system I presume, complete with CD player, or are you packing mp3's these days?

Willard "Key to the Highway" Biscuit said...

Yeah, the slender salamander is a cool little guy, alright. According to wiki, they are distinguished from other lungless salamanders by having 4 tiny tiny toes on each tiny tiny foot. I've seen them all over California.

I got the Explorer as a free upgrade when I had to exchange the original vehicle (a 2011 Dodge Journey) which was due for service in just 1300 miles. There was a minor debacle last year when the Grand Cherokee (a nicer ride IMHO) needed an oil change halfway through the trip. So I raised a little bit of a fuss with the manager and achieved favorable results.

The Ford has all the bells and whistles, but surprisingly no MP3 port/jack (that I could find, anyway). I was a bit miffed at that, but it does have bluetooth that works perfectly with my iPod touch. It also has Sirius Radio, so I am all set in the traveling audio department.