Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From Sur, With Love (happy now?)

Sur as in Point Sur, where one can catch a tour of the Light Station and adjacent buildings atop the 360-foot-tall rock. TSG enjoyed such a tour a couple of weekends ago and was rewarded with a picture-perfect day (albeit a bit windy--almost lost a few personal items to some 50 mph gusts...yee haw!)




Parm said...

OMG! You were up so high, you could see the Earth's curvature!!!!

And, yes, I'm quite happy. Now.

Beautiful scenes. But I did stop and stare at the satellite dish. WTF??

W "Fish Eye" Biscuit said...

Re: the earth's curvature--It's no secret that I love my 10.5mm (35mm equivalent 16.8mm) lens. I do have a couple of software tools to adjust the distortion, but most of the time I just leave it in.

The satellite dish was pretty funny to see--I wondered, but didn't ask if it might be a comm link of some type.

I do know that AT&T has a cell site sitting up there that is disguised as a water tower. They made a deal with the State Parks where they paid for the restoration of the original building that was falling apart in return for the use of the interior to house switching equipment.

Parm said...

I like that kind of deal you describe, where relatively non-invasive access is traded for some useful benefit to the public, especially when it's all bundled together locally.