Monday, December 12, 2011

A Christmas Train and an Erector Set: what more could any kid want?

Spotted from the back porch of the small (but pretty neat) Moffett Field Museum

Note: Hangar One was saved from the bulldozers, but the budget and scope of hazardous waste abatement proved way too much for the local volunteer group to handle. Now the Google guys are the only ones with deep enough pockets to keep the restoration project going.  The volunteers we talked to weren't all that happy about corporate America getting it's hooks into "their" hangar, but they acknowledged that it's the only way to save it.

TSG was lucky enough to experience the inside of the famous hangar at one of the last air shows at Moffett. They were giving hot air balloon rides inside the hangar. They had 4 balloons going at the same time; quite an impressive sight.