Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pigs (Four Different Ones)

Thanks to Ed Carter for sending us pix of the Capitol Records Publicity Pig--
--which inspired this evening's post. 
Long live Pink Floyd!

non-Carter images from The Independent 
and Hipgnosis

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eye ❤ Maui Jims (or, TSG's Typhoons--A Tale of Tragedy and Truimph)

Anyone who has ever worn glasses knows the feeling--the feeling of sitting on them. After the crunch and initial utterance of "Oh, shit!", what are we left with? Something like this...

Handy repair tip: rubber cement does not work on sunglass frames!

And this wasn't just a pair of glasses.  No, this was TSG's trusty pair of Typhoons, a long-time fixture on our head, as friends and acquaintances can confirm.  (shown here in a more intact version).

Typhoons have been TSG's shades of choice for more than 15 years, ever since RayBan's Suncloud line went the way of the Dodo*.  Maui Jim's rose-colored lenses may not actually improve our outlook on life, but they're the best sunglasses we've ever owned. They're great on the road and on the trail, and fit like a glove.  Pricey as hell, but worth it, as the repair policy has been generous beyond belief and customer service is second to none. TSG has sent our Typhoons for frame repair and lens replacement several times over the years, and has received several BRAND NEW pairs (with really nice hardshell cases) in return.  Lately the repair prices have gone up, but we figure that over the years we got a total of 3 pairs for basically just the cost of shipping ($8.95, later raised to $10, and eventually up to $60-plus, but still worth it).

Below: artist's rendition of Typhoons in their native land**

This time, though, there was a slight complication.  When we called in to inquire about the chances of getting our sat-upon Typhoons repaired, the nice customer service person*** informed us that the Typhoon line had been discontinued.

Oh no, say it ain't so!  Still, she said to go ahead and send them in and they'd see what they could do.

Maui Jim Sunglass Cases, 1995-2011

Imagine our delight to hear from the repair department a few days later--they were unable to repair the glasses, but they found a pair in the warehouse.  Even better, since the model had been discontinued, they cut the price for the new frames and lenses in half.  So, in the grand scheme of things, TSG has enjoyed multiple pairs of these terrific glasses over the years at substantially less than cost.

So, Maui Jim, here's to you...and we promise to take good care of what are probably...The Last Typhoons. 

*The line was resurrected recently, but TSG can assure you, it is in name only
**Not really--they're made in Peoria
*** (They always say "Aloha!" when they answer the phone and close their emails with "Mahalo!" )