Thursday, August 11, 2011

FCA!A* (or, Winterland Reunion: Class of 6/14/75)

Yes, TSG and PF go way back...we were big fans of his even before that fateful night, still one of the greatest concerts we've ever experienced.  The show at Wente Bros Winery Tuesday night could of course never compare, but it was nice to spend the evening with Peter and the rest of the band (including fellow Winterland alumnus and bassist Stanley Sheldon--but we kind of missed John Regan).

What we could have done without was the constant yammering of the yahoos in the audience.  Do people go to concerts to LISTEN to the performance anymore?  Not in Livermore they don't.  If we had a lawn, those loudmouthed, smart(?) phone-poking hipsters would certainly not be welcome on it.

Oh, if only TSG hadn't fallen asleep at the wheel and missed getting tickets to the Warfield show. It still wouldn't have been the same, but we would've gotten to see another once-in-a-lifetime event.  Turned out that a fan from far, far away made a rather remarkable guest appearance:

*Again--this tour celebrates the 35th anniversary
of the-then biggest selling live album of all time.