Thursday, March 17, 2011


Thanks to a larger-than-expected bonus check, TSG finally entered the modern age of Digital Television last week.  Of course, once you get a TV that accepts 1080, the old "regular" DVD player has to go.  You need a network-enabled Blu Ray player to go along with it!  No 5.1 upgrade on the sound system, though; we decided to stick with our primitive but effective 3-system "wall of sound".  (TruSurrond HD/Klipsch 2.1 THX/Pioneer-Bose)

This new set up raises the question: why are there so many, many CRAP movies out on Blu Ray?  Where's Lawrence of Arabia, people?  I mean, come on, you can get Sharktopus on Blu Ray, fer chissake! wait a minute...what if the Sharktopus had frigging lazer beams mounted on it's head?  Now that would be worth seeing in HD!