Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rare Gadafi (Qaddafi? Kadaffi? Ghaddafy?) Collectible: Not For Sale

TSG purchased this now-topical political pin from a co-worker back in 1986. We are unsure of the provenance of the graphic; a brief google session finds a couple other instances of it on T-shirts. One particular website features a tan shirt with this logo being worn by a rather attractive brunette model.  Upon closer inspection (of the t-shirt, not the model), we can see additional text:  LOONY LEADERS OF THE WORLD NO. 1 / ©1986 JRD ENTERPRISES

There were too many JRD Enterprises to look through at press time, so we'll leave it to more intrepid researchers* to pursue the matter any further.

ps:  who was "Ronaid" Reagan, anyway?

*assuming such a person might actually exist