Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 Miles High (ok, 10,599 ft, but who's counting?)

View from Mono Pass: Sardine Lake and Mono Lake in the distance.  The penultimate October day, a beautiful afternoon in the mid-50s with a very slight breeze, not a cloud in the sky. Our guess is that it won't be like this again for many months. Good to make it out there on a day like that.


Parm said...

Mono Pass is in Yosemite. So, you were in Yosemite recently? As in, this past weekend? Nice, if so.

A worthy jaunt.

Willard "Trailhead" Biscuit said...

A worthy jaunt indeed. As one of my heroes once said about visiting places like this, "The time will not be taken from the sum of your life. Instead of shortening, it will indefinitely lengthen it and make you truly immortal. Nevermore will time seem short or long, and cares will never again fall heavily on you, but gently and kindly as gifts from heaven.”

I volunteered to cover the evening shift on Monday in order to get a semi-long weekend, the plan being to make it up there one last time before the first real snowfall of the season closed Tioga Pass. As luck would have it, I was rewarded with a spectacular couple of days. I cruised down I-395 and spent a day in the Mammoth Lakes Basin and poked around the June Lake Loop area as well. The Fall colors were long past their prime, but the Eastern Sierras have more than enough magic to make up for the dearth of peep-able leafs.

Parm said...

Quite the quote. Clearly someone who gets high on hiking!