Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't Tread On Me

A long time ago on this blog, TSG featured a photo of a "creepy crawly" that we encountered on the Monument Peak Trail in Ed Levin County Park. This week's offering could be considered a sequel of sorts, as these images were taken less than 500 feet from where we photographed the eight-legged freak several years ago.  Had you, dear reader, been there this last Sunday morning, you might have overheard a conversation something like this...

Crotalus viridis: "BZZZZZZZTTT!!!!!  Hey! You! Stay the fuck away from me!"

Shouting Grasshopper: "Yes, yes, but can I please take your picture?"

Reptile paparazzi--yep, that's what we do for kicks. Thank god for telephoto lenses, even if they are only 3X! Oh, and please excuse the slightly (?) out-of-focus nature of these shots; there might have been a bit of camera shake involved.

1 comment:

Parm said...

Well, that's enough to rattle anyone's cage!

What? No close-up of the rattler's backdoor? From what I can see in the last pic, that's a respectably-sized money maker back there. This guy (or gal) has seen a few seasons come and go.

You know, TSG, that rattle would make a dandy percussion secret! Next time, see if you can sweet-talk the critter into sharing!