Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pee Wee Was Here

Inside Mr. Rex's mouth--Cabazon, Ca.


Parm said...

It's funny (sad? pathetic? not surprising?) that they have to install barrier wire in the mouth to prevent peabrains from leaning out or whatever from a mouth located 6 stories above the ground. I personally think that a nice pile of mangled, crushed, bloody bodies at Mr. Rex's feet would add nicely to the scene.

Now, how about a Photoshop assignment? Combine figures from the horrified B movie victims set with a good exterior shot of Mr. Rex?

Willard "B Movie Victim" Biscuit said...

A photoshop project, eh? Well, we'll have to look into that. Stay tuned.

BTW, a quite noteworthy facet of today's Cabazon Dino complex is that it also serves as an intelligent design museum. Strange but true!

Oh, one other thing...the safety aspect of the chicken wire and plexiglas barrier is certainly understandable, considering the mindset of the traveling public these days. One perhaps-overlooked benefit is that they prevent nesting birds and insects from setting up shop in the, for lack of a better phrase, giant fake oral cavity