Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photos of the week
















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Note: Please excuse the lazy photomerge work on "Main St Underpass".


Parm said...

You will forgive me if I struggled to find, and failed to find, any particular grand theme to these offerings. At first, I thought it might all pertain to goofed-with song titles, but I think not. Then I thought perhaps these were imagined TSG postcards if such things were commercially available. But again, nah.

The PacBel offerings of merit (or at least longevity) are considerably cooler than what I received from a big company I happened to work for for awhile. Then again, these anniversary totals are impressive. The knife, however, compares directly in time to a Galileo thermometer that I received. I'd much rather have the knife (though I acknowledge that I would not carry a big knife like that; instead, it would find a useful place in a toolbox).

Willard "Mostly Nikons" Biscuit . said...

Well, the theme this week is "photos of the week"--all of the pics were taken in the last 7 days.

I started out with the idea that I'd do some kind of story about seeing Eddie Izzard at Shoreline Amphitheater. Then I thought I might showcase my company cutlery anniversary gifts over the years. Then I got sidetracked, thinking I might blog about hiking the trails of Saint Joseph's Hill Open Space Preserve.

None of these ideas ripened into full fruition, so I ended up with this rather uninspired mishmash. So it goes.