Thursday, July 14, 2011

Might As Well Jump

Rainbow Pool, just off CA120 east of Buck Meadows

What better way to beat the heat?

Curious reader(s) may wonder if TSG joined in the fun.
Well, not this time, but we have in the past...
...and it's a blast!


Parm said...

The circles threw me a bit. At first, I presumed they identified you. But then, who snapped the shot (heck of a long and fortuitous timer)? I have more-or-less concluded that you simply want to draw the viewer's eye to a jumping figure that you worried the average observer might otherwise overlook.

Either that, or these were actually angels at play, and the spray was dislodging their halos sidewise.

Willard "Diver Down" Biscuit said...

You know, when the water is calmer, you can see circles of refracted/(reflected?) light in the water when you look down from the rocks. It's very cool.