Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gift Guide For The Camper Who Has Everything

Seen on the shelves of the Camp Mather Store, July 2011


Parm said...

I LOVE the B-Movie victims! So much so that I went to Amazon and checked them out. Very nice! And the reviews from consumers were quite positive. Many people, it seems, use these "victims" to complete scenes on birthday cakes (one person decorated a Godzilla-themed cake - how excellent is that??) and the majority of reviewers thought the victims were quite suitable for use with zombie scenes.

This isn't to say, of course, that the set couldn't be better. Perhaps it could come with a nice tube of squeeze-on blood or brains?

Willard "Corman" Biscuit said...

I think the scale might be a bit off, but these BMVs would fit right in to some of the model train displays I've seen. RR hobby folks have quite the sense of humor when it comes to portraying the mini-dramas of life alongside HO-sized byways.

Parm said...

How amusing that you switched to this particular line of thinking! But you really didn't derail me as I've been pursuing rather this same track of reasoning!

You see, I've been reading various Model RR magazines from the library the past few months. The enthusiasm and dedication of these folks to their little worlds is a wonder to behold.

I'm thinking that it would be the O-gauge folks who would be interested in the BMVs!