Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Gay Old Time

Filmed on location in beautiful(?) downtown(?) Valle, Arizona

(Not that TSG has anything against Valle, but if you've been there, you know what we mean.)

For various reasons, putting this together was a real pain in the butt. We had hoped to use Barney Kessel and Herb Ellis' version of the theme, but that proved to be too much trouble as we had already been messing around with this thing for a couple of hours already.  So, please accept our apologies for the more-than-usual-roughness-around-the-edges.


Parm said...

Quite amusing. I remember being a kid and, with my cousins, building "Bedrock" out of mud and populating it with imaginary Flintstone's folk. Along with a plastic dino, of course, though we had to use our imagination to "see" the correct purple color.

Was this thing a true labor of love by some frantic fan, or someone desperate attempt to come up with something that, to their knowledge, hadn't already been exploited as a roadside attraction? And did it appear to be officially licensed by Hannah Barbarea (or however they spell that name)?

As for the technical matters, I thought the video demonstrated a bit of a step up and a raising of the bar in terms of a nice slide show. And the music was a kicker. Good job.

Parm said...

As a Flintstone's-unrelated follow-up to an earlier TSG blog posting, I recently checked out the Steve Martin Rare Birds CD from our local library and pronounce it quite tasty. Thanks, Grasshopper, for the worthy tip.

Willard "Caveman" Biscuit said...

Valle's Bedrock is a tourist trap on the main route to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. According to Roadside America, it's been around since 1972. And they apparently do have an arrangement with Hanna Barbera--they have official sounding musak playing over a PA system, and episodes from the TV show run continuously in the Bedrock Theater. There's another Bedrock in Custer, SD--I've driven past it but didn't have time to stop for a visit. Oh well, maybe next time...there's a good chance I'll hit the Black Hills again someday.