Monday, May 23, 2011

Moab Water Part 2

Seen at the Museum of Moab

TSG has found that local museums always have one or two gems, and this was no exception.  The Revigator had a lining coated with uranium ore. The brochure promised healthful benefits to families..."The millions of tiny rays that are continuously given off by this ore penetrate the water and form this great HEALTH ELEMENT--RADIO-ACTIVITY. All the next day the family is provided with two gallons of real, healthful radioactive water . . . nature's way to health."

Drink up!

1 comment:

Parm said...

Ah yes - as nature intended!

Good grief. Wonder how many of those were sold? Perhaps they had a full line of products? Such as:

- the uranium-lined bedpan;
- the uranium-lined canteen;
- the uranium-lined undergarment (". . . as your body's lower-digestive tract benefits from its all-day exposure to millions of healthful rays . . .");
- the uranium-lined kazoo.

OK, that last one is probably a bit of a stretch.