Friday, May 20, 2011

Five By Eight

May Natural History Museum
Colorado Springs


Parm said...

Was this on display, or were you in their snack shop?

Willard Biscuit said...

Ya know, I almost got a couple of scorpion pops at the gift shoppe, but I ended up buying an 8-piece trout place mat/coaster set instead.

Speaking of arachnids, here's a fine specimen I spied in an alcove alongside the Bright Angel Trai: Latrodectus hesperus

Another hiker happened to pass by and I pointed out the spider. He said, "Wow,that's really cool, thanks for sharing that."

I replied, "Sometimes little things like that can really make your day."

He said, "It's ALWAYS the little things that make a day."

As they say on the 'net...+1.

Parm said...

Holy crap, is that a scary spider, or what???? Jeepers creepers!