Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Round and Around


Parm said...

Huh. Man, I was waiting to see some lava come pouring down the volcano after making one of those turns. Oh well.

Also, I am mildly surprised that you went down the volcano via car, and not bike?

Speaking of biking, have you in fact done any this trip?

Road Trip Guy said...

Yeah, the Rockhopper (bike name) is along for the trip, crammed in the back of our rented adventure vehicle*. No bikes are allowed on the road up to the volcano rim from 8-4, so I missed out on that. I rode the Tusayan Trail at the Grand Canyon, though,which was really nice. It winds through the ponderosa forest just outside of the park proper; no views, but plenty of solitude. And that fresh, pine-scented air...heaven!

*2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, acquired for the amazing price of $105 a week!

Parm said...

Glad to hear the bike thing is happening. And congrats on the fine pricing on the ride - well done. Very well done. I hope it has a satisfactory sound system to support your road-trip tuneage?