Sunday, May 29, 2011

4334 Miles

  • 3000 images
  • Several bags of chili cheese Fritos
  • Multiple microbrews (more on that later)
  • A dozen or so National Parks & Monuments
  • 3 snow-type events
  • 1 unscheduled oil change
  • First visit to 5 Guys Burgers
  • One DVD boxed set purchased (Band of Brothers)
  • 4:30 AM interaction with asshole rodeo guy
  • Two B-29 related stops
  • No major injuries (except for some mild tendinitis in my right achilles)
  • Only one item left behind in hotel room (earplugs)
  • Overall grade: 84/100

1 comment:

Parm said...

Excellent mapping graphics and a fine list to boot. This should support future blog postings for quite some time!