Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stevie, Pauly, Some Chicks and Rangers

(Or: Stuff you don't get if you don't buy the CD)

Shown above are the Rare Birds Trading Cards*, a nifty bonus from the new CD by Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers. And a most enjoyable effort it is, 'specially if you're a picker or a grinner. We haven't heard Señor Martin's Grammy-winning "The Crow", but it's on the wish list now.

Steve has another bird-related project in the works, a film adaptation (?) of Mark Obmascik's The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession, which TSG read several years ago. The premise seems like it could make a funny movie; three birding zealots out to have the biggest birding year ever. However, the production has gone through a couple of cast changes, which is never a good sign. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

*We like the caption on the back of Macca's card: "Newcomer. We wish him well."


Parm said...

I surely cannot keep up with TSG's media hipness. I do, however, sometimes try. Last night I watched my borrowed-from-the-library DVD of Baraka. Interesting and often entertaining flick. By turns it amused me, saddened me, puzzled me, surprised me, and bored me. But mostly amused me; thanks for the tip.

Willard Biscuit said...

Media hipness? More like tangential curiousity, I would say. It's funny how you find things while you're really looking for something else...

Even though this is TSG's second Steve Martin-themed post, I'm not a particularly big fan of his work. But Steve's name came up the other day on The Tech Guy radio show, and that started the ball rolling.

The show's host, Leo LaPorte tried to help Steve with a computer problem, but the issue really seemed like Martin was suffering from too many events in too many weeks in too many timezones. Steve was constantly mixing up times and wanted a tech solution that would somehow sync his calendar to a default time zone location.

Leo didn't have an app for that. But the conversation drifted and they talked about Steve's Twitter musings and the new album. I don't follow anyone's tweets, but I took a peek, and that led me to a promo of the CD, and finding out about Paul and The Dixie Chicks being on it. From there, a cursory glance at the reviews convinced me that I needed some fresh Bluegrass in my collection.

Wondering about Steve's CD titles led me to webbits about him replacing Dustin Hoffman in The Big Year. The serendipity of reading and enjoying the book back in '05 seemed to complete a cosmic circle of some kind for me, and the whole thing ended up here as a blog post.

Parm said...

Well, I am prompted to continue in my pattern as a pathetic and humble follower of the grasshopper's leavings - I have put in my request for this new Martin album at the local library.

As trivia of one sort or another is a staple commodity here at the TSG blog, I might note that Mr. Martin is fully known as Stephen Glenn Martin; perhaps it is so that "Steven Glen's" of the world are doomed to play banjo (some much better than others, of course, with virtuosity perhaps accompanying the "phen" version of Steve and the additional "n" in Glen).