Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another MM: The 1947 Artichoke Queen

A lazy post this week: Miss Monroe is still honored (?) on streets of Castroville, CA.  You know, the thought of Marilyn riding an artichoke is a bizarre concept, even for for us. Speaking of artichokes, did you know that Kim Novak liked to pour sugar over hers?  


Parm said...

Speaking of artichokes, did you know that finding a good one is a challenge in the midwest? You can find artichokes, sure. But a GOOD one? Worse yet, sometimes they LOOK good but are actually tough, or have some other point of funkiness that detracts greatly from living up to its reputation.

Probably have a better chance of finding a reasonable facsimile of a Norma Jean in the midwest than a reasonable facsimile of a good artichoke in the midwest on any given day.

As for some connection, on any level, between artichokes and MM, hmmmmm, perhaps, based upon the insights gained during her tragic and abbreviated life, she came to know all to well that bit of wisdom that so many seek and so few find - that you can't love me with your artichoke heart!

Willard Biscuit said...

Quick poll: would you rather eat at Norma Jean's Artichoke Hut or Marilyn Pauline's Sugar Shack?

Continuing with the artichoke theme, did you know there was an "Artichoke Mafia" and "Artichoke Wars" in the 1920's?

Parm said...

Poll response: A Norma Jean Artichoke Hut. Hands down.

Was not hip to the mafia or wars.

Goodness. Well, it IS a fierce looking little plant, isn't it?