Thursday, February 10, 2011


Museum of Modern Art
South of Market
North of Monterey Area

(okay,I made that last one up)


Parm said...

I'm totally lovin' that white-faced sea lion. Looks like a chimp wearing a sea lion costume, sort of. You should post that one at the National Geographic site, dude - I'd vote for it!

I am glad to hear, relatively speaking, that things are only possibly afoot rather than the foot demonstratively being lodged in someone's nether regions.

Willard Biscuit said...

That sea lion was quite belligerent. He didn't appreciate me interrupting his tanning session. Good thing there were some sturdy steel fencing in between us. There was a prominent warning sign just behind me that read "WARNING! VICIOUS SEA LIONS ON DOCK! DO NOT FEED!" You do not want to mess with these guys.

Parm said...

Huh. And he looked so friendly.

Reminds me of some people I've met.

Wish they'd come with a warning sign . . . .