Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's for lunch?

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Parm said...

So many amusing memories mixed up with these images. Also, some disbelief. Who, back in the day, would have wanted a Gomer Pyle lunchbox????? I mean, it was a funny show, but, really, on a lunchbox??

On the other hand, the Lost in Space lunchbox captured exactly 60% of what was good about that show - that little scooby terrestrial vehicle they had (the other 40% would largely include the robot, of course, the utterance "Danger Will Robinson!" and possibly Dr. Smith mincing and whining his way yet again to relative safety - on the negative side would be any episode that featured Penny).

That Daniel Boone lunchbox would have rocked my world when I was 4, but not as much as a Zorro lunchbox. I wonder if they made Swamp Fox lunchboxes? That, too, would edge out Boone.

The Wild Wild West thermos bottle was tres cool - actually an understated image given the rather lurid overkill that seemed to permeate the thinking of lunchbox graphic designers (like, Paladin driving a stagecoach while standing, or the Rat Patrol boys blowing stuff up while themselves utterly exposed in the open (and where the heck are the REAL stars of that show, the jeeps???)).

All in all, a splendid offering, TSG. Interesting in so many ways. Thanks!